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Skinny Jeans for Guys

Skinny or skin fitted jeans are very much popular among guys. There is no age limit to who can wear these skinny jeans and who cannot as long as it suits your body. Don’t buy just anything that you come across or anything that is famous in clothing online designs for men. Go for those dresses that suit your body, style and go with your look. Same is the case with skin fitted jeans.

Personally I believe that there is a time and occasion to wear skin fitted jeans. Skinny jeans are definitely a must part of our wardrobe now but we must learn on what occasion and time we should wear it. Skin fitted jeans usually make you look causal. The more fitted the jeans is, the more causal you will look. Skin fitted jeans cannot be worn to a formal function or gathering. 

Practical Fashion tips for Men:

Here are some practical fashion tips for men

·         Experiment with Style:
Try and experiment each time you go for shopping. Try something different or something that you haven’t tried in a long time. Try new dresses, shoes and other range of mens fashion and see what suits you. Don’t be afraid of making different choices.

·         Perfect Look:
Keep your self-updated and fresh all the time. If you haven’t shaved in a while, get a shave to get your perfect look. Neatly dressed along with fresh shave looks cool on men.

·         Ask for some Feedback:
You can ask for some real feedback from your friends and family. Ask your hairstylist or office colleague about the new shirt you have recently purchased.

·         Look beyond Brand Names:
Branded suiting looks great but not always. Don’t buy the stuff just because of the brand name. Buy it because of its quality and style.

·         Invest in Shoes:
A man of taste should have great pairs of shoes. Mostly people notice your shoes at first when they meet you so you must always wear clean and neat shoes.

Winter Fashion Tips

Winter is my favorite season to stay up to date with the latest fashion. You can always wear winter coats, cardigan, skinny jeans or jumpers without sweating. Leopard print is very much IN this season in variety of colors including burgundy, khaki, black etc.

Winter Trends:

Leopard, floral tie and dye, checked, animal prints and galaxy or cosmic, animations.

Red, Burgundy, Tan, Black, Brown.

Gothic, 70s, Western, Military, Country side

Cloth Material:
Leather, Wool, Feather, Warm.

Foot Wear:
Chelsea Boots, Ankle Boots, Spike boots, Pumps.

Clutches, Long hand bags, necklaces, bangles, glasses, rings, rosy cheeks, Smoky eye liner, red nails.
As the winter season has started, these styles can help you to look trendy and up to date. For mens fashion, add a gentle finger style for some additional texture and for womens fashion, experiment and party with these colors and styles.

Stylish Ways to Carry Off Dirty Hairs

We all have dirty hairs, sometimes may be because of laziness and when we have to stay indoors. Many of us don’t know that these hairs can actually be used for styling purpose in the world of womens fashion. Greasy, sticky and frizzy hairs are ideal for styling. The major reason is when your hairs are dirty they are able to hold much style than they can hold when they are clean. You can also try dirty hair styles like buns, ponytails and braid.

·         You can try a thick and messy braid when you want to hide your imperfect hairs. After making a braid, use a spray to set it off.

·         You can try bun look, if your hairs are short and cannot be covered in a braid.  Make a twist and round it slightly. It will work well.

·         Pony tail can also work good if split into two horizontal halves. It is easy to make and looks good as well.

Fashion Make Up on the Go

There are many girls who spent more than an hour on their makeup each morning but then there are some lazy girls like us who don’t have time to or desire to spend time on compiling chunks of makeup. So, for all the busy girls out there I have discovered a bunch of products that are makeup short cuts for fashion online.

Our first quick makeup product is BB cream. This cream works as concealer, foundation, loose powder and moisturize your skin as well. Just apply it every morning and you are good to go.

Our second recommended product is double use product that not only save your time but also save your money. Products that can be used as lip color and also be applied on your cheeks. You can use any cheap lip gloss and add a finishing touch to your look. You can also use same bronzer on your eye lids.

Womens fashion – Quick Party Makeup

Women love to dress up and make up before going out on a party. Usually women are stuck in house hold chores or baby sitting and cannot get ready quickly. Today I will tell you some quick party make up tips for women's fashion that will make you feel beautiful in just few minutes.

·         Go for the natural look. Highlight and enhance only one part of your face whether eyes, lips or cheeks.

·         If you want to highlight your lips, then go for any darker shade of pink that compliments with your skin tone. Apply compact to your lips before applying lipstick. Use a lip brush for a finishing touch.

·         For your cheeks, apply blush to your cheeks and move it in circular motions. Add a little shimmer, to give it a fancy touch.

·         Use a natural eye shadow over your entire eye lid. Then use eyeliner brush and apply the eye shadow. Then smudge the eye liner to give it a natural effect.

Dress According to your Body Type

Men differ according to body type and clothing; therefore they should be dressed in a different way according to mens fashion and latest trends.

If you have a bulky body, then do not ever wear horizontal stripping dresses. You should prefer wearing vertical design shirts. These shirts and trousers will give you a slim look. You should also avoid wearing double vented jackets as it will make you look fat. Don’t prefer to buy tight fighting clothes, they will highlight your fat and body shape.

If you have slim shoulders then make sure you wear dresses that add width and bulkiness to upper portion of your body. Wear those clothes that have horizontal strips in design or those which add a little extra padding in your jacket. The most important thing to follow is when shopping for clothes, check the fitting of the garment. If any expensive suiting does not fit you, it will not look good; no matter how much expensive or pretty it looks.

5 Tricky Womens Fashion Trends

Below mentioned are five clothing online trends that are hard to digest by women. We want to take your view, tell us would you prefer to wear them?

·         Loose harem pants with full legs and banded flow. They are available from Chiffon to knit material. They are not easy to wear because the cloth drape down to the legs and is hard to handle.

·         Overalls only look good over the ramp. In real, no one likes to wear them because of its hard-to- bent feature and a look it gives.

·         Flaunting Skirts are long in the shape of Lacoste and add a bulky touch to your body. That’s the reason they are not common among womens fashion.

·         The “High-lighter Color” – It is the color in between yellow and green and commonly known as high lighter color. This color is not everyone’s favorite and is very difficult to wear.

·         Sheer-see through fabric is not the new trend; however no one wants to wear see through dress to a party or as a normal day to day wear.

5 Ways to Save Money While Clothing Online

If your clothing budget has increased lately, follow these ways and learn how to save money while shopping online

·         Discounts and Sales:
Look for sales and discount shops. Designer’s shops also offer discount at season end. Prefer to buy from these shops to save money.

·         Out of the Season Shopping:
If you are a shopping freak, you would know that shopping out of season always saves your cost. You can buy winter clothing in the summers from the bargain shops. You can shop online also and save your time.

·         Watch Out:
Be aware of all the sales that attract you. Don’t just buy any clothes you like. These sales usually results in overspending and cause you to buy irrelevant stuff.

·         Color Patterns:
Before buying, consider what colors you already have in your wardrobe. Keep your wardrobe in mind while shopping and don’t buy dress of same color.

·         Three of Online Clothing:
You can sign up for online clothing deals through email newsletter and you will receive latest deals and updates of sales and discounts. You can search for best online shopping store and buy from there.

Taking Care of Diamond and Gold Jewelry

Diamond and gold jewelry is very common item in womens fashion. Jewelry items like necklaces and rings need special cleaning at home to make them look beautiful. If you do not take care of these special items, they may lose their shine and structure. Taking care of jewelry item is not a difficult task.  All type of studded jewelry should be cleaned at least once a month.  Try to remove your jewelry items while cooking, playing sports or gardening; it will prevent your jewelry from falling off or being broken.

Avoid your diamond or gold jewelry from contacting with chlorine bleach, or other chemicals as it can discolor the jewelry piece. Avoid wearing jewelry while swimming, or in a hot bath as chlorine present in swimming pool will accumulate in your diamond and gold jewelry and cause them to lose their prongs or jewelry color.

Current Fashion Trends 2012-2013

World of fashion is always changing and it is hard to follow all the fashion trends. Fashion houses release new fashion styles every seasons with whole range of new and latest style dresses and shoes to keep users hooked up. Normal fashion houses also take inspiration from famous fashion houses and copy their designs and styles.

The fashion world has started revealing trends for NewYear fashion online. Some of them are:

·         Color Blocking:

This was among the fastest growing trend in 2012 and is expected to continue in 2013 as well. Color blocking involves wearing dark item clothes along with accessories together for example dark red trouser with purple shirt and yellow shoes. Many brands such as DK, Gucci, and Tommy Hilfiger have also included color blocking range in their collection.

·         Pastel and Peplums:

Pastels colors such as blues, pinks, and yellows are very prominent as season of 2012. Accessories including nail polish, bands, shoes and purses were also available in these colors. Many designers launch their full range of pastel and peplum accessories. Peplum dresses are also famous nowadays.

Online Fashion Stores in Australia

Nowadays online shopping has become more popular among women and men. Many people now prefer to shop online because it saves time and allow you to buy clothes 24/7. In this busy life schedules, people don’t have much time for shopping, shopping online is the solution for them.

When you shop online, you can shop for many dresses including casual, formal, semi-formal or international dresses as well. During holidays or near Christmas season, these shopping stores also offer discounts on dresses. You can also compare price of the same dress at different online stores and buy from the cheap one.  Moreover you can also read customer reviews and feedback about that particular product and in this way you can choose cleverly. Many shopping stores offer free shipping within their country.

So the next time you shop for clothes or shoes, why don’t you try fashion online websites?

Fashion and Styling Tips

Fashion comes from inside. When you are happy from inside, it reflects on your face. Being happy and feeling confident, is the key to your style. You can follow these tips :

·         Dress up for your own self. Don’t wait for any occasion or any party, do it for your own self.

·         Try out some weird fashion trend that you thought you will never do.

·         Boost your confidence and highlight your dress in the party.

·         Visit shopping malls near you. Even if you don’t need to buy anything, still you can window shop around.

·         Arrange your wardrobe according to the latest womens fashion in town.

·         Wear heels, feel beautiful.

·         Try blood red lipstick. Do some eye makeup with some mascara to look great

·         Wear a fresh flower hair band.

·         Adopt your favorite celebrity’s fashion statement for a day.

Above all, love yourself, love who you are..

Black Smoky Eye Makeup Tips

Everyone wants to look beautiful and that’s why people all over the world are depending on cosmetics to make them more beautiful. Today I will tell you some easy and basic tips about women's fashion and how you can do black and smoky eye makeup.

Eye shadow is very important element in womens fashion. Rather using foundation and eye shadow base on your eyes, you can use eye shadow base specially designed for this purpose. According to your eye color, you can complement brown, black with deep rust and dark green.

Smoky eye makeup is not only limited to black or grey color. Instead many colors like violet, coffee, pink and blue can be used in smoky eye makeup.  After applying eye shadow base, use small eye brush to apply eye liner outside your lids and half way across top of your eyelid. For darker effect, use dark eye shadow using the same process. Use eye pencil or kohl for the special smoky effect. Finish off with two coats of mascara.

Quick Fashion Tips for Men

Men are being more and more inclined towards fashion nowadays. So for all fashionable men out there, here are some quick and easy mens fashion tips that you can implement practically as well.

·         Shop With your Friend or Family:
It’s a common perception that men believe they can shop alone better. I would advise you to never shop alone. If not with friends, then you can shop around with your family.

·         Focus on Accessories:
Wear dress according to their supporting pieces. While buying T-shirt, don’t forget to buy a pair of jeans with it. Similarly dress shirts look good with suit pant.

·         Wear Casual:
There is perfectly no harm in wearing casual dresses. You can buy shirts with funky colors.

·         Simple to Wear Dresses:
Dress yourself in a simple yet elegant way. Don’t overdo the dress or accessories. You can look good with your causal jeans as well.

·         Fitting:
Make sure you wear everything that is according to your size. Over sized dresses do not look good so buy the dresses as per your body shape. They should not be tight or loose.

How to Get the Victoria Beckham Look

Victoria Beckham always comes with new style and experiments and that’s what we absolutely love about her. Victoria has changed her looks over the year. Here are some women's fashion tips on how you can get the Victoria Beckham look.

You can start off by foiling your hairs to dark brown, that’s the color that she wears. You can give it a lighter tone and use light strawberry blonde look. For the look, you have to use root voluminizer along with sea salt spray and styling gel. After blow-drying your hairs with blow dry brushes, you can set your hairs and give volume to your hairs by using rollers. When fully dried, do back combing of the crown area. Then pull your hairs from back of the ears and set it with hair grip. Then sea salts spray to set the hair style. Victoria Beckham look is ready ! 
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