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Diamonds – Melting Women Heart for Centuries

Diamonds are women’s best friend. It is the best gift you can give to your special women. Diamonds are sentimental and express your love for your beloved. Women of all ages love diamond and they are never out of women’s fashion. Gifting a diamond ring or jewelry set for someone special is always a good idea.

Diamond rings especially on engagement show expression of love and commitment. There are many engagement rings designed in pave or solitaire shape. Diamond jewelry is not as much expensive as it is presumed. You can search high quality diamond jewelry online as well, without the hassle of visiting different jewelry malls. Online shopping saves your time and offers you variety of designs to choose from. You can buy diamond rings, watches, jewelry and gemstones by vising any clothing and jewelry online shopping store.

Spring Summer 2013 Sneakers Fashion Trends

[Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends] - Sneakers and gym shoes - are not only comfortable, but also beautiful and fashionable. Sports style is very relevant and many designers include athletic shoes or stylized model in their collections. Trendy sneakers and gym shoes 2013 – are bright accessory that can be a special appeal of the style.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Pony, Fila, Vans California, Reebok, Adidas
This season you can find sneakers and gym shoes for every taste, from classic and retro patterns to bold and unusual models. One of the updated trends, such as sneakers or gym shoes on a wedge, deserves special attention.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Adidas, Puma
According to the general fashion trends, neon and metallic colors are hot trends of women's sneakers and gym shoes of the season. Some designers combine two trends in one model.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Adidas, Reebok, Fila, Clae
When creating a new collection of sneakers and gym shoes, designers used a smooth and patent leather, suede and nubuck, mesh and fabric. Combined models made of materials with different texture are still relevant.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Puma, Adidas, NewBalance, Fila, Reebok
Perfectly white sneakers or gym shoes are still in fashion, the current models of pastel and bright colors are relevant too. The contrasting combination of two or more colors is still a fashionable trend.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Vans California, Diesel Black Gold, Sergio Rossi, Adidas
In the new season almost every collection includes models of sneakers and gym shoes with fashionable animal, floral and graphic prints.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Adidas, Puma, Clae
Besides the traditional decorative strips, the trim of the trendy sneakers and gym shoes 2013 use contrasting edging, appliques and unusual solutions, for example, animal wings, tongues in the form of toys and bows.

Hair style for men 2013

Predicting men hairstyle for spring or summer is a bit difficult as there has been no dramatic change in fashion for past twelve months. Some of the common hair styles for men in 2013 are:

·        Side Parting:
The side parting style is again back with a new style. It looks formal if styled with gel. In men fashion, gel and shimmer based products are used to style these types of hairs.

·        Casual Look:
To have a causal look you can enhance your hairs as they are. You can have length and volume in your hairs. You can style your hairs using gel or you can straight your hairs by using different products.

·        Dramatic Look:
For dramatic look, create the length on the top of the hairs and make them look classic. To add more look, add some colors to the tip of your hairs.

Spring Summer 2013 Sportwear Fashion Trends

[Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends] - Sports direction in clothes design refuses to leave the list of fashion trends. Women's sportswear 2013 – is a universal element of a wardrobe, which can be used both for going in for sports and for going out.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Bottega Veneta, EA7, Rocawear, Puma, Adidas (5,6)
Fashionable sportswear of the new season can be made in a retro style, have the elements of the popular safari style or amusing details of the animal design. Instead of long trousers, you can wear one of the trends of the season such as shorts, short trousers or a sports coverall, which is also the very relevant clothing item of the new season.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Reebok, Adidas, Puma (3,5), EA7
Hoodies, jackets or sweatshirts do not have to be of a traditional style. This season the designers offer the original models, for example, short-sleeved sweatshirts, light jackets with unusual neck, elongated hoodies or a model with the effect of layering.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Reebok (1,2), Puma (3,4), Adidas (5,6)
Popular and versatile tank-tops do not go out of fashion; you should pay attention to the models of bright colors or fabrics with a graphic print. Some brands offer tops with layering effect, tank tops with unusual cuts or multiple thin spaghetti straps look very interesting.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Adidas (1,2), Puma, Fila, Reebok
T-shirts of rich colors, with contrasting graphic elements and prints, as well as elegant and interesting sports bra are in fashion.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Fila, Reebok, Adidas, Puma (4,5)
Slim trousers of free silhouette, including models with extended low armholes and cuffs, are still relevant.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Fila (4,5)
Capri trousers in various styles, from the simple fitting to wide cuffed, are also in fashion.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Adidas (1,2), Fila, Reebok, Puma, Craft (above), Puma
Absolute trend of the fashionable sportswear of the season – are shorts. The collections include both tight and loose shorts models, bright colors; graphic and floral prints are particularly relevant.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Adidas (1,2), Fila (3,4)
Feminine silhouette of the dresses for tennis and skating makes them fashionable and versatile element of not only sportswear, but also of casual wear. Particularly relevant are the models of bright, saturated colors with contrasting decor and translucent elements.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Bottega Veneta, Nike, Puma, Adidas (4,5)
In addition to traditional black, white and gray colors, sportswear of orange, red, blue, green, olive, yellow and pink, as well as fabrics with animal, floral or graphic prints, is in fashion. Unchanged elements of design sportswear such as contrasting color combinations and bright accents are very relevant.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Adidas, Reebok
New collections of women's sneakers and gym shoes – are perfect accessory for sportswear 2013. In addition to traditional models for sport and recreation, the designers offer original sneakers and gymshoes with animal applications and details, wedge-heeled shoes and gym shoes -«ballet-flats».

Spring Summer 2013 Jeans Fashion Trends

[Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends] The elegance and unique style – is the way to describe a collection of trendy jeans in spring 2013. You can find jeans for every taste and every mood among a variety of models of the new spring season.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Derek Lam, Kelly Wearstler, Christopher Raeburn, Balmain
Narrowed and wide models are in fashion, which do not exclude the popularity of classic style that looks great on any figure.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
House of Holland, Louis Vuitton, Chanel (3,4)
The truncated models and jean pants are practically absent in the collections of men's jeans, but they are still relevant for women.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Dsquared2 (1,3), J. Mendel, Roberto Cavalli
The texture of the material plays a big role this season. In addition to traditional denim and jeans with the original woven material, you should pay attention to the trends of the season such as leather, mimicking materials and denim with a metallic luster of various shades, including the effect of "liquid metal".
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Proenza Schouler, Dsquared2 (2,3), Christopher Raeburn
Actual retro and grunge styles add bleached denim to the list of seasonal trends. Trendy jeans may be bleached in whole or in spots, as well as using shades of green and yellow to white-washed areas.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Rachel Zoe, Just Cavalli, Junya Watanabe, Balmain
When creating male and female fashion jeans of spring 2013, designers used a wide range of colors: white, black, grey, all shades of indigo, the actual pastel and vibrant colors: red, yellow, light green, emerald green, beige, orange and olive. Gradient color transition is also in fashion.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
House of Holland, Phillip Lim, Just Cavalli, Christopher Kane
Jeans made of fabric with a print are still very relevant. Stripes, geometric and abstract print, vegetable and flower pattern are in fashion. Snake and animalistic prints are also relevant for collections of women's jeans.

Spring Summer 2013 Men's Jackets Trends

[Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends] Spring 2013 collections of men’s jackets are energetic and swift. Bright solutions, saturated colors and active lifestyle are in fashion, as the sport and safari styles – are the most current styles of the season.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Canali, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Calvin Klein
Spring 2013 fashionable men's jackets are the ones of straight silhouette with buttons or zippers. With the help of color and texture materials, designers turned sleek cut into an interesting and stylish models.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Burberry Prorsum, Canali, Dirk Bikkembergs, Trussardi 1911
Men's jackets in sporty style became the trend of the season; they are present in almost all collections. Characteristic features of the style – are cuffs, belts and collar on a wide elastic.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Burberry Prorsum, Versace, Bottega Veneta, Z Zegna
Another actual trend of spring 2013 – is parka and anorak. Except for traditional fabrics, translucent and light fabrics with glitter, for example, satin or polyester, are also used.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Corneliani (1,2), Belstaff, Burberry Prorsum
Military style is still fashionable, and its summer «hunting» solution – safari is the hot trend of the season. The fashion collections often contain jackets made in the best traditions of this popular and attractive style with patch pockets, stand-up collars and with a belt or a strap.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Calvin Klein, Belstaff, Iceberg, Corneliani
Biker jackets with asymmetric zip are still fashionable. Men’s jackets made in sports style of motorcycle racer, slim silhouette with a zip line and protection from falls (or its imitation), are also in fashion.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Belstaff, Burberry Prorsum, Calvin Klein, Christopher Raeburn
Depending on the chosen style, soft skin, clear, matte, glossy fabrics and fabrics with a velvety surface are relevant for men's jackets spring 2013. Special attention is given to the texture; combined models are fashionable.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Burberry Prorsum, Belstaff, Costume National, Canali
The color and its combinations also play an important role in the new season. The most fashionable colors for men's jackets are red, shades of blue, green, mint, yellow, orange, olive, beige and gray. Metallic luster and color blocks are still relevant.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Burberry Prorsum, Missoni, Moschino, Versace
The color replaced the print in new collections of men's jackets. A few models made of fabrics with a print use a fashionable geometric image and the prints with the natural and industrial themes.

Women’s Fashion Trends that will continue in 2013

In 2012, many new trends made their way to the fashion malls. From shimmering and glittering fabrics to organic and neutral colors, we saw many dominating fashion trends. Some of the trends that will continue in 2013 are:

·         Purple is again the color of the year. Many celebrities are wearing purple along with black.

·         Glitters and shimmers are a big YES for any party wear. They look good on tops, short dresses and can be used as accessory.

·         Organic shades in clothing online like white, aqua and rose will continue in summers 2013.

·         Brighter colors in everything whether it is shoes, jewelry or accessories.

·         Women love wearing heels. Yes, you can wear them in 2013 as well.

·         Turtle neck sweaters or any neck covering dresses with something plain is the ideal look for winters.

·         1960’s fashion will continue to dominate the fashion scene.

·         Long fancy maxis with silk upper can be worn with mix of colors.

·         Fancy clutches with plain outfits will always look cool.

Women’s Hair Trends for 2013

Some of the latest women hair trends for 2013 are:

·         Tomboy Style:
Boyish hair styles have become the latest trends for women’s fashion in 2013.These hair styles also depends on your mood. You can try many tomboy hair styles this season.

·         Half Tuck:
The half tuck hair style, behind your hairs is just impossible to ignore. They may be annoying at the start but with time you get used to it.

·         Side Braid:
Side braid is the best way to wrap your hairs in a way that they look good. It is also one of the upcoming trends for this year.

·         Pony Tail:
Pony tail is the revival of fashion trend from 1970s. You can make it as a part of your day to day hair style. You can wear this hairstyle at party or any event as well.

·         Waves:
Side waves sweep across your face and cover one eye. These waves are best for soft and smooth hairs and make them look great.

Taking Care of your Shoes

A man should take care of his shoes because it depicts his personality and confidence. You should buy shoes according to your body shape and shoes usage. Ideal shoes will be functional as well as stylish. Follow this guide while selecting shoes:

·         Wear the right shoes for right occasion. Foot wear designed for specific event protect your feet accordingly. Work shoes are for work purpose and sport shoes are for sports like football, cricket. Foot wear designed for specific event protect your feet accordingly.

·         Invest your money and prefer to buy quality shoes. Low quality footwear does not last for long and you waste your money as well. You can save your money in the long run by buying expensive shoes that will last longer.

·         Always buy the right shoes size. Don’t compromise on shoes fitting and comfort. Shoes play a very important role in men’s dressing and fashion and therefore should look good and be comfortable as well.

Mens Fashion Week

Fashion week usually last from 4-7 weeks where designers show their beautiful collection of dresses, bags, shoes and other accessories to the public. You can find many clothing styles, reinvented designs and neat and clean catalogue for this season. Besides, women fashion show, men’s fashion show are also gaining popularity.

The origin of mens fashion week is almost fifty years old. It has gradually shifted from hotels to ramp. New York is considered as the fashion hub for fashion weeks. Now men’s fashion week has transformed into an event in which celebrities, experts and fashion divas show their latest collection and designs. This event also tells us what is most important for men’s wear in the next season. Different looks and colors of this season are announced in men’s fashion week. Many people are looking forward to what different labels are bringing out like Gucci, Prada and Gap. 

Women’s fashion – How to Make Your Eyelashes Look Beautiful

Eyes are the most prominent part of your body. Women crave to have beautiful long eyelashes that will make them notice. Some of the tips to make your eyelashes long are:

·         Before going to sleep, apply olive oil, vitamin oil or petroleum jelly onto your eye lashes. This will help your eye lashes to grow within few weeks.

·         You can use eye lashes curler for giving a fancy look to your eyes.

·         Use volume mascara for enhancing eye lashes.

·         Use an eye lashes comb for brushing your eye lashes. It can remove any clumps of mascara left on your eyes.

·         Wash your eye lashes brush after every application.

·         Eye lashes serum is the new trend in women’s fashion. Applying eye lashes serum to your eyes will make them look healthier. Eye lash serum has special ingredients that make your eye lashes to grow faster. It gives a great look to your eyes as well.

Sneakers – Mens fashion

Sneakers are not only limited to gym or any other sporty event like basketball or football, now they are used with every type of dressing for mens fashion. Sneakers give comfort and protect your feet from daily wear and tear. They are suitable for every occasion from any sports party to even work place. You can wear these comfortable shoes while playing, now you don’t have to change separate shoes for playing games. Sneakers can be worn out with socks. Don’t wear sneakers without socks as it can become a mess.

Classic sneakers are the type of sneakers that can be worn with anything. They can be worn with blazer or pair of shorts. Hybrid sneakers are best for work place or any formal event. These shoes work well with all type of occasions and look great with jeans or shorts.  A man should always care about his footwear as they depict his personality and confidence.

Accessories for Womens Fashion 2013

Some of the accessories women can wear as fashion statement 2013 are:
·         Sun Glasses:

Round sun glasses with a matching outfit looks great on young women.

·         Hand Bags:

Hand bags of all sizes and color add glamour to your look. Travel and structured bags are in fashion for this season 2013.

·         Hats:

Womens fashion for 2013 is not completed without hats. Hats can transform your outfit to the next level.

·         Head Scarves:
Head scarves cover your hairs in winter and summers as well. It is a must have-accessory if you want to have a delicate touch to your personality.

·         Pumps:
Pointed pumps are famous among working women. If you are working women then these pumps are the best choice for you.

·         High Boots:
Knee high boots are the trend of womens fashion 2013. These boots are perfect for winter/autumn season and will look great with a matching outfit.

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