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Hat Trend for Women 2012

With the arrival of winters, women tend to prefer hat to protect themselves from cold and moisture in this cold weather. Besides a necessity for winter wear, these hats are used as a fashion online accessory throughout the world.

Hat is a completely cool accessory that makes you looks fashionable, trendy and can complete your look. There are different styles of hats available in market. Some of the hat types are mentioned below:

Fur hats look beautiful and can be used in winter season by girls and women of all ages.

 Cowboys hats are also in fashion and worn by stylish girls and ladies.

Cloche hats are symbol of elegance and simplicity and look good for a formal function.

Gaucho hats are also famous because of the feminine touch.

Fashion Trends Autumn – winter fall 2012 (Part 2)

On Monday, I blogged about womens fashion trends for winter fall 2012, today I will tell you some more fashion trends for 2012

·         Capes and Cloaks:

Capes style is reviving nowadays. So this fall, wrap yourself with warmth of capes once again and enjoy the winter season.

·         Leather Skirts:

These skirts add to the aesthetic sense of the person wearing them. They look adorable and give a sleek finish. They are available in stores for this season.

·         Animal Designs:

As I blogged before, animal prints are very much in the market. They as used as a style statement. Some examples are furry cats, jungle beats etc.

·         Denim Jeans:

Colored and denim jeans are also this season’s trend. Neon, pastel colors are very much popular and worn mostly by celebrities.  Earthy and autumn tones are also in trend.

·         White Winters:

White is not only the color of summer but also the color of winters.  Crispy cuts and fairy tales designs are fall’s trends for 2012. You can use some rich text fabric and play with the texture.

Fashion Trends Autumn- Winter fall 2012

The year 2012 has come to an end and new 2013 trends are starting to cover the market. Like every other thing 2013 fashion is also inspired by the fashion of 2012.  So here we take a look at womens fashion trends for 2012- fall to determine the fashion style of 2013:

·         Student girl fashion:
The concept of young, geeky school going teenage girl is still in fashion. With this fashion statement comes rebellion, smart and classy look.

·         Gothic Look:
Gothic look is very much in trends whether it will be dark color makeups or dark devil dresses, this look has taken over our youth. Black and browns are In the season.

·         Flapper Again:
Later, flapper and draped designs were considered for costume party. But not now, ladies are preferring flapper fashion for 2012 fall.

·         Color me Red:
Red is definitely color of the season. It not only shows intensity and heat but also express desire and elegance.

Latest Collection 2013 - Gothic Inspired Look

Latest collection for 2013 is influenced mainly by complex, dark colors and techniques. The masculine and feminine spike along with silky feathers is the trend of the season.  The collection is inspired by horror and Gothic flick. This collection uses some Gothic trends and dark shades, dark textural elements by using haunting backgrounds and landscapes. 

The look is modern, beautiful, and romantic and adds strength by using gold colors and black leather jackets and gloves. These ready to wear dresses are famous for both women and mens fashion, they have laces, accessories and borders on it that give it spooky and scary look. Some dresses are also made by using human hair. These dresses are very popular among people as they give elegant and sleek look to your personality.

Dress yourself according to the latest fashion and stay updated.                                                                                                                           

Latest Trend – Customized Shirts, Inside Jacket Look

With the fall season, jackets are very much in trend. You must be thinking what is new with the jacket trend? Well, this winter season latest trend is shirt hidden inside the jacket to enhance your fall collection.

This jacket has a hidden t-shirt inside it that is customized according to customer taste and demand. You can customize the t- shirt whether by uploading your own pic or by uploading any celebrity’s or your favorite quotation. Anything you want can be customized and printed working its way across the inside of your jacket, giving you your desired look.

These jackets are available for mens fashion as well as womens fashion in many online fashion store. You can play around and design your own suit online. Do give it a try.

Stay in Style !!

Everyone wants to look gorgeous and stylish. Fashion trends change every season and each year you will find new variety along with new designs. Latest fashion trends for women include trendy clothing with vibrant colors. Dark red, purples, greens and black are IN as compared to light colors.

With environment concern, many people are designing dresses according to Eco friendly environment. Boys as well as girls prefer to buy those clothing that are manufactured by Eco friendly methods. Environment friendly materials such as cotton and bamboo are preferred by many people.

With the arrival of vibrant colors, vibrant prints are also in market this fall. Many fashion stores have large collection of animal prints as well as plants, celebrities or cartoon character shirts available. Latest royal prince and princess wardrobe designs are also followed by youth. 

Hurry up, Grab your favorite one today from any online fashion store and keep yourself updated with latest trends.

Rock Chic Vintage Makeup

Vintage fall collection 2012 was depicting fashion scene from 60’s to 70’s. It was not only expressed through clothing online design but also through strong and beautiful eyes that perfectly captures rock girl.

That one thing we all love about vintage is that they have provided many designers with great source of inspiration. Here are some tips on how you can do that rock vintage inspired makeup:

·         Keeping your skin healthy and moisturized is the best way to look beautiful. You can also apply makeup all over your face after washing and pat it dry.
·         Choose the foundation that matches your skin tone and apply it over your face.
·         Well defined and proper contouring makes your cheeks look amazing.
·         Apply gel eyeliner by using an eyeliner brush. Use a round eye shadow blending brush and then smudge the eye liner for a soothing effect.
·         Curl your eyelashes and apply lots of mascara to add volume to your lashes.
·         Use a naturally strong lip color that suits your complexion.
There you go… Now you are ready for vintage mod rock look J

Latest Collection of Sunglasses Available at the House of Harlow

Transform yourself with latest collection of Sunglasses available at the House of Harlow.

House of Harlow is a designer brand that is worn by many famous celebrities worldwide. It is a project by Nicole Richie that features clothing online, jewelry designs, sunglasses, accessories and a style book as well. Nicole’s House of Harlow depicts love and influence for costume designing through their beautiful collection pieces. Their designs are unique and perfect to fit according to latest trends and fashion designs.

I have always adored and loved their beautiful sunglasses and along with other jewelry and accessories. These sunglasses style ranges from flowery designs to tribal, chic and model designs. 

Have a look and choose the one for yourself.

Wild Fox - Your Ultimate Brand

If you are fed up of same day to day shirts then try wild fox Couture. 

Wild fox is the womens fashion brand by American vintage inspired women Emily Faulstich and Kim Gordon. This brand combines style along with elegance and quality and is very popular among celebrities, trend setters and other retailers throughout the world. Their beautiful range of designer clothes consists of adorable and catchy designs. The T- shirts come with cartoon characters, heart and peace designs and other exciting graphics.

Grab your piece of Online Wild fox Couture today, if you don’t have any. Don’t miss the best fitted and soft cotton designs that will give a kick to your personality.

Pop Dresses - Fashion Trends

Pop culture always pulls back to the origin of designs and trends from 60’s to 70’s.  Pop culture depicts youth, and liveliness. Dressed in pop culture dresses, our youth believes in climbing fences and running down the high ways chasing their own dreams, living their own lives with freedom. This type of life style is clearly depicted in the clothes they wear. Here have a look:

These youngsters are shown running after their dreams in stylish kicks with handsome black and skinny jackets, long boots and fitted jeans according to the latest fashion online. Their dress gives a strange rebellion look that is IN fashion nowadays J

10 Latest Fashion Trends for Women this fall

Here are some latest and hot fashion trends that you can follow this fall

·         Fitted Jacket:

This is the latest trend nowadays. A fitted jacket along with feminine curves will work with anything from jeans to casual shots.

·         Leather Bag:

Leather bag is the accessory that you can own in the cold weather. It gives a classic look and feel.

·         Pearls:

Pearls are the most perfect accessory that compliments womens fashion style statement for this fall. Cream white or grey pearls are quite IN with this look.

·         High Boots- Spanks:

These boots look perfect with skinny jeans or miniskirts. It gives a trendy look to your body.

·         Plaid:

It is a menswear print favorite that is mostly available in trousers, coats and jackets. It gives a rough and cowboy look.

·         Turtle Neck Sweaters:

Turtle Neck sweater is very famous nowadays as it brings your face into focus and it is cozy and comfortable to wear.

·         White Shirt and Black Suit:

White cotton, stretched and fitted suit along with black suit is the trend of fall season. It empowers your look as working women.

October Shopping....

With latest shopping arrivals available in the month of October, I found some of my favorite trends for fall. They are ankle boots, whole range of new color full accessories along with breezy and floral blouses.

Recently I visited some online shopping stores, where I spotted some blouses, jeans, glasses and hand bags that would work well for all the fashion freaks like me.

For the first time I was browsing for online dresses, bags, shows and other accessories in Adelaide. I was surprised by amazing online shopping stores set up and run by professionals. Most items on these websites are cheap and designed by local designers in Adelaide. Among them, I found The Fashion Tunnel. It has latest variety of mens fashion, womens fashion, online bags, shirts, jeans, sun glasses, jewelry items etc. You can browse their website and order the piece of your choice. I personally liked many shirts and jeans and I am planning to buy it for myself. Do tell me which one is your favorite one.

Happy Shopping J
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