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10 Latest Fashion Trends for Women this fall

Here are some latest and hot fashion trends that you can follow this fall

·         Fitted Jacket:

This is the latest trend nowadays. A fitted jacket along with feminine curves will work with anything from jeans to casual shots.

·         Leather Bag:

Leather bag is the accessory that you can own in the cold weather. It gives a classic look and feel.

·         Pearls:

Pearls are the most perfect accessory that compliments womens fashion style statement for this fall. Cream white or grey pearls are quite IN with this look.

·         High Boots- Spanks:

These boots look perfect with skinny jeans or miniskirts. It gives a trendy look to your body.

·         Plaid:

It is a menswear print favorite that is mostly available in trousers, coats and jackets. It gives a rough and cowboy look.

·         Turtle Neck Sweaters:

Turtle Neck sweater is very famous nowadays as it brings your face into focus and it is cozy and comfortable to wear.

·         White Shirt and Black Suit:

White cotton, stretched and fitted suit along with black suit is the trend of fall season. It empowers your look as working women.


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