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Spring Summer 2013 Women's Fashion Watches Trends

[Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends] - Although watches fashion is one of the accessories less changeable, but it also has comply the trends. Spring Summer 2013 Women's Fashion Watches Trends is: stylish, athletic, feminine, modern,.. Therefore, the collections of women's watches 2013 offer current models of a variety of styles and shapes that can satisfy the most tempted woman of fashion.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Michael Kors (1,4), Swarovski, Chanel, Adidas, John Galliano, Marc Jacobs
Styles of retro, Art Deco and sports, as well as geometric shapes are in fashion. Large dial is still relevant, but it does not preclude a more modest size. In addition to watches, the designers also offer examples of models in the form of pendants of different shapes.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Movado, Chanel (2,6), Adidas, Louis Vuitton (4,5)
Black and white are the trendy colors of the year, completely black or white watches, and the contrasting combination of these colors in one model, are in fashion.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Adidas, Alessandro Baldieri, Louis Vuitton, Tendence, Michael Kors, Fendi
If laconic black and white watches do not seem interesting enough, you can choose any combination of different colors or look at the model of women's watches with bright accents, for example, decorated with colored stones.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Marc Jacobs, Rolex, John Galliano, Louis Vuitton, Swarovski (5,6)
Women’s watches made of metal of various shades and their combinations are in fashion, model of saturated colors, especially red, burgundy, emerald and violet are very relevant.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Boucheron, Rolex, Breguet, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Omega
Collection of women's watches 2013 differ by original decor: natural, floral and animal motifs, colorful stones, applications, some designers offer models with a dial that is almost completely covered with stones.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Bvlgari (bottom), Michael Kors (2,4), Louis Vuitton, Tissot, Omega
For women's watches’ straps it’s very popular to use metal and natural materials: the tortoise, horn and leather, including lacquer, crocodile leather and its imitation. Straps that twist around the wrist for several times, chains with large segments, as well as wide straps-bracelets are in fashion.


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