Early Morning Quick Hair fixes

Getting up late in the morning can create a rush for other routines as well. Setting your hairs is one of the major time consuming task in the morning. Some of the online tips to get your hair look fashionable and stylish are:

·        Hot rollers can be used early in the morning to give some bounce to the hairs. Heat them up and set them on your hairs. Leave them for some time while you get ready and then take the rollers out.

·        Part your hairs from the middle and use moose on each side. Twist each side and make a bun. Pin the buns and open them up by using your fingers. You will get some beautiful loose waves.

·        Pony tail or messy bun is your another quick option. You can also twist your hairs to make your bun or ponytail beautiful.

·        Another way to set your hairs is to part your hairs and create two braids. Do this one night before and you will see wavy hairs in the morning


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