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Spring Summer 2013 Women's Beach Bags Trends

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends - Trendy Handbags is one of the indispensable items of women, and bags used to go to the beach in the summer is one of the accessories they are interested in a lot. The collections of beach bags for summer 2013 includes a fine selection of models (from design to material, color, style), perfectly matching with swimsuits, beach tunics and dresses of the season. Spring Summer 2013 Women's Beach Bags – is a bright accessory, which must impressive, powerful, stylish and attract attention.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Mara Hoffman, Red Carter, Nancy Gonzalea, Caffe, Tory Burch, Proenza Schouler
Among the models of beach bags one can find popular bulk bags to be carried on the shoulder or in the hand, backpacks and original models of different geometric shapes.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Caffe, Kara Ross, OndadeMar, Club Monaco, a clutch bag and Tory Burch
One of the trends of the new season is a small beach bags, designers offer to take graceful handbags over the shoulder to the beach, clutch bags made of straw and woven fabric, and also soft bags made of cloth.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends

Caffe, Club Monaco, CIA. Maritima, Kara Ross, Tory Burch
Beach bags made of straw, woven or knitted fabric – is another fashion trend of the collections 2013. Models made of leather, fabric, suede, colored and clear plastic are also relevant.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Caffe (1-3), Mara Hoffman, Agua Bendita, Marc Jacobs
The most fashionable color palette for beach bags 2013 – is blue, coral, pink, red, lime and aqua, natural and neon colors are very relevant, some designers offer a beach bag with a spectacular color transition. Among the prints the most popular are geometric, floral, animal drawings and ethnic designs.
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
CIA. Maritima, Caffe (2,3), Club Monaco, OndadeMar
Decor of trendy beach bags 2013 is fairly bright and varied: embroidery with beads, sequins, rhinestones, crystals, tassels, fringe, metallic trim in different shades. Individual attention should be given to original straps made of plastic and wood, scarves and original cord.


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