Transform Your Look in 10 Minutes:

We all are so much busy in our lives that we actually don’t have time to properly take care of our skin or do makeup especially in the morning. To avoid this hassle and look great throughout the day, I am giving you some tips to transform yourself in just 10 minutes:

·         Focus on your Eyes:
You can transform your looks by giving much focus to your eyes than any other part of the face.  For quick eye makeup, apply white eye liner to top and bottom of your eyes. You can also use concealer or foundation instead of white liner.

·         Tweeze your Eye Brows:
Tweeze out all the extra hairs from your eye brows. You can also use eye brow brush or pencil to get a finishing look.

·         Quick Make-up Short Cuts:
You must learn some quick make up short cuts like mascara and lip gloss. For a party look, you can add eye liner and a little blush on.

·         Flip your hairs:
If you want to add volume then use hair treatment or blows dry your hairs. If you have greasy hairs, use baby powder to instantly de grease your hairs.

These are quick fixing up that you can do to look beautiful in the world of womens and mens fashion online.


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