Inside Tips on How To Dress According to Your Body Type

In today’s world, maintaining and dressing yourself according to your body type is very important. The right clothing gives positive effect on your body. Wear in contrast with how your body looks. If your body is soft then wear some structure and sleek dresses, if it is structure and angular then wear soft dresses. You just have to create balance in whatever you wear.

·         Circle Body:
If your body is in circle shape, it means your body is soft and round. I would suggest you to wear blazers and jackets more. Wear a top along with heals.

·         Triangle Body:
For triangle body shape, you can wear slim fitted dresses whether shirt or jeans. Prefer wearing Cardigan. Cut pants are also best for your body.

·         Athletic Body:
If your body has a sleek and athletic look, then you can wear simple and fitted womens and mens fashion clothing online. Avoid wearing lining and square prints.


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