Role of Color in Fashion Industry

Many fast developments have taken place in fashion industry and have increased the demand of fashion dramatically in the past few decades. We all use colors daily in our every walk of life. The way we behave towards certain color is based on social, cultural and economic factors. Here is a quick guide to what colors really communicate:

·        White color:
White is a cool summer color. It reflects light and gives you a cool effect.

·        Red Color:
Red is the color of love, passion and it depicts intense emotions.

·        Pink Color:
Pink color stimulates feelings of sweetness and innocence.. It is soothing and relaxing color especially designed for summers and springs.

·        Purple Color:
Purple color represents luxury, loyalty and wealth. It has a great feminine appeal in women’s fashion.

·        Black Color:
Black color absorbs light and it is the color of grace and perfection.


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