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How the Fashion Cycle Starts

Today I will tell you some inside story on where fashion starts and how it emerges to reach all the corners of the world.

The whole scene begins with the awards and red carpet ceremonies where celebrities are shown dressed in designer wear dresses/ shoes / hang bags and jewelry items. After the event everyone wants to grab a piece of that online fashion trends. Then you will see it everywhere, in fashion magazines, newspapers, television shows, and internet.

After creating the buzz, the trend becomes saturated in the fashion market on high prices. Soon after the popularity, they are available in low and cheap prices as well. So in this way, fashion cycle move around in fashion industry. People like you and I buy the dresses at the 3rdor 4th stage where as celebrities buy it at 1st phase of fashion cycle. Designer and branded shops purchase it at 2nd stage.

Before, it would take a lot of time to get fashion trends from red carpets to mass customers but today’s manufacturers have speed up the whole fashion cycle. With the fast moving world, now fashion trends become famous all over the world within few months. 


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