Current Fashion Trends 2012-2013

World of fashion is always changing and it is hard to follow all the fashion trends. Fashion houses release new fashion styles every seasons with whole range of new and latest style dresses and shoes to keep users hooked up. Normal fashion houses also take inspiration from famous fashion houses and copy their designs and styles.

The fashion world has started revealing trends for NewYear fashion online. Some of them are:

·         Color Blocking:

This was among the fastest growing trend in 2012 and is expected to continue in 2013 as well. Color blocking involves wearing dark item clothes along with accessories together for example dark red trouser with purple shirt and yellow shoes. Many brands such as DK, Gucci, and Tommy Hilfiger have also included color blocking range in their collection.

·         Pastel and Peplums:

Pastels colors such as blues, pinks, and yellows are very prominent as season of 2012. Accessories including nail polish, bands, shoes and purses were also available in these colors. Many designers launch their full range of pastel and peplum accessories. Peplum dresses are also famous nowadays.


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