5 Tricky Womens Fashion Trends

Below mentioned are five clothing online trends that are hard to digest by women. We want to take your view, tell us would you prefer to wear them?

·         Loose harem pants with full legs and banded flow. They are available from Chiffon to knit material. They are not easy to wear because the cloth drape down to the legs and is hard to handle.

·         Overalls only look good over the ramp. In real, no one likes to wear them because of its hard-to- bent feature and a look it gives.

·         Flaunting Skirts are long in the shape of Lacoste and add a bulky touch to your body. That’s the reason they are not common among womens fashion.

·         The “High-lighter Color” – It is the color in between yellow and green and commonly known as high lighter color. This color is not everyone’s favorite and is very difficult to wear.

·         Sheer-see through fabric is not the new trend; however no one wants to wear see through dress to a party or as a normal day to day wear.


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