Stylish Ways to Carry Off Dirty Hairs

We all have dirty hairs, sometimes may be because of laziness and when we have to stay indoors. Many of us don’t know that these hairs can actually be used for styling purpose in the world of womens fashion. Greasy, sticky and frizzy hairs are ideal for styling. The major reason is when your hairs are dirty they are able to hold much style than they can hold when they are clean. You can also try dirty hair styles like buns, ponytails and braid.

·         You can try a thick and messy braid when you want to hide your imperfect hairs. After making a braid, use a spray to set it off.

·         You can try bun look, if your hairs are short and cannot be covered in a braid.  Make a twist and round it slightly. It will work well.

·         Pony tail can also work good if split into two horizontal halves. It is easy to make and looks good as well.


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