Fashion and Styling Tips

Fashion comes from inside. When you are happy from inside, it reflects on your face. Being happy and feeling confident, is the key to your style. You can follow these tips :

·         Dress up for your own self. Don’t wait for any occasion or any party, do it for your own self.

·         Try out some weird fashion trend that you thought you will never do.

·         Boost your confidence and highlight your dress in the party.

·         Visit shopping malls near you. Even if you don’t need to buy anything, still you can window shop around.

·         Arrange your wardrobe according to the latest womens fashion in town.

·         Wear heels, feel beautiful.

·         Try blood red lipstick. Do some eye makeup with some mascara to look great

·         Wear a fresh flower hair band.

·         Adopt your favorite celebrity’s fashion statement for a day.

Above all, love yourself, love who you are..


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