Dress According to your Body Type

Men differ according to body type and clothing; therefore they should be dressed in a different way according to mens fashion and latest trends.

If you have a bulky body, then do not ever wear horizontal stripping dresses. You should prefer wearing vertical design shirts. These shirts and trousers will give you a slim look. You should also avoid wearing double vented jackets as it will make you look fat. Don’t prefer to buy tight fighting clothes, they will highlight your fat and body shape.

If you have slim shoulders then make sure you wear dresses that add width and bulkiness to upper portion of your body. Wear those clothes that have horizontal strips in design or those which add a little extra padding in your jacket. The most important thing to follow is when shopping for clothes, check the fitting of the garment. If any expensive suiting does not fit you, it will not look good; no matter how much expensive or pretty it looks.


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