Womens fashion – Quick Party Makeup

Women love to dress up and make up before going out on a party. Usually women are stuck in house hold chores or baby sitting and cannot get ready quickly. Today I will tell you some quick party make up tips for women's fashion that will make you feel beautiful in just few minutes.

·         Go for the natural look. Highlight and enhance only one part of your face whether eyes, lips or cheeks.

·         If you want to highlight your lips, then go for any darker shade of pink that compliments with your skin tone. Apply compact to your lips before applying lipstick. Use a lip brush for a finishing touch.

·         For your cheeks, apply blush to your cheeks and move it in circular motions. Add a little shimmer, to give it a fancy touch.

·         Use a natural eye shadow over your entire eye lid. Then use eyeliner brush and apply the eye shadow. Then smudge the eye liner to give it a natural effect.


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